Racing Events

Racing Events

All racing events in Victoria are held at O'Brien Group Arena, the home of the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia and training venue for the National Short Track Speed Skating Team.

Club Racing

Members of the OSF Club have the opportunity to be involved in a number of Racing events throughout the year. Starting with Club Racing days, which are held on a regular basis on the Thursday night training session. Club Racing allows skaters to develop and hone specific skills such as starts, tactical manoeuvres and finishes.

Masters International Short Track Games

10th - 12th April 2019 held at O'Brien Group Arena

Autumn and Spring Sprint Cup

This is a fun event open to all members and is held usually in April and  November, due to Covid and our late return to training these will be rescheduled.  Competitors participate in time trials which determine the groupings for the Autumn and Spring Cup Racing. This means that competitors are skating against others with a similar skating ability. Even our young Nippers love this event.

Victorian Short Track Speed Skating Championships

This event will be held later this year and is open to all members of Victorian Short Track Speed Skating clubs. Racing events are based on age divisions as listed below.

Australian Open Short Track Speed Skating Championships

The Australian Open Short Track Speed Skating Championships is an annual event, which is hosted by participating States on a rotating basis. The 2021 Championships will be held at the O'Brien Icehouse later this year.  These events are sponsored by State and Federal Governments and private business and are managed by Australian Ice Racing.  

Competitors from Short Track Speed Skating clubs in Australia and overseas have participated in this event and racing events are based on age divisions as listed below. For racing protocols refer to

Age Divisions for Racing Events               

Nippers                Under 9 years

Midgets               9 - 11 years

Sub-Juniors        12 - 14 years

Juniors                  15 - 17 years

Seniors                 18 - 29 years

Masters               30+ years